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As a healer who combines many forms of reputable healing - of bodies, minds, hearts - my speaking successes also vary from Leadership Secrets of Successful Women Entrepreneurs (business), through all the reputable and well-tested health topics, to well-studied and reputable mind-altering techniques that I use in my professional mental health practice.  I also weave spiritual and non-traditional techniques into my talks.  These are all ways to reach people who prefer advice packaged in non-traditional verbiage. They conform to principles of solid psychology (especially hypnotherapy). 

Check out all the topics!  Categories are very fluid!

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Health & Wellness

Pain-Free Forever - Without Drugs  [Note: using hypnosis and Reiki; this is medicine, just not opioids]

Experience Hypnosis! 

Mindfulness for Health, Energy & Successful Business

Make Your Immune System SMARTER - so It Helps You, Not Harms You 

The Spiritual Path to Better Health

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Retreats, Day-Longs & Ongoing Series'

Spiritual Spa Day
(healing journeys, gentle yoga, art, writing for insight, forest and sky-bathing, energy)

Chakra Healing Through Expressive Arts (creative arts to open each chakra)





The Secret Ingredient of All Successful Transformations

The 3 Wise Women: Connecting, Healing, Creating [MOST PRAISED TALK!]

Becoming The Goddess

Forest Bathing, Sky Bathing: Finding Awe, Transcendence & Creative Inspiration in Nature




May I suggest: Ongoing series of stress-busting.  Building resilience through a combination of mental shifts and physical action, and through both creativity and healthy eating. ALL ARE DOABLE by real people, living real lives.  These are NOT the Usual Suspects!

Presented as free seminars (beta-tested) at Jackson County Libraries, YMCA and other venues in 2018.


For Psychic Fairs

Harness Your Goddess Energy to Stop Self-Sabotage

5 Magical Components of Self-Care

Meet ALL Your Ancestors, 10,000 Generations of Your DNA [HOT topic]

Successful Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Increase Your Mystical Power & Insight (also Day-Long version on left)

Open Your 3rd Eye for Health & Insight,
(also called Raise Your Energy Vibration to Blast Thru Blockages in Health & Personal Growth)

See also 3 Wise Women


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