Blast Through Barriers with Hypnotherapy!


Are you tired of finding yourself surfing the Internet or watching TV for hours when there are goals that you want to work on - but you can't get yourself to do them? Blast away procrastination!


Do you want powerful transformation of painful past memories and emotions - safely, easily, more quickly than traditional therapy?


Are you tired of diets that don't work and weight that always comes back?

Hypnotherapy is serious medicine, for people who are ready to take action:


  • career-seekers who want a faster and smoother road to their next promotion and their next great job
  • small business owners wanting a more powerful approach to their business
  • adults who are tired of weight-loss programs that don't work
  • anyone tired of relying on "willpower" for everything, and then beating themself up when they slip up
  •  survivors of traumas who want the fears and memories to go away
  •  those experiencing grief and loss

11/15/15  Seattle, WA:  "I feel so different, in just 3 sessions with you.  My business is taking off, I am more "present" with my children.  I can't wait to see what will change next!"

Clinical Hypnotherapy can Blast Through Barriers for you - commit to 4 sessions and see what it can do for YOU!

Victoria Leo is a Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHt) and Life Coach.

Special program:  Retrain your immune system

Hypnotherapy is your power-tool to fine-tuning your immune response.  Making your entire immune response stronger isn't always the answer!  If you have an autoimmune condition (and many of them are not well-known to be autoimmune), or asthma or a malfunctioning inflammatory response, you don't need stronger - you need smarter!  With hypnotherapy from a therapist certified in autoimmune conditions, you get imagery that is specific for the cells that you need to calm and the cells that need to rev.  My master's in biology really helps me customize for you!

Start with an intro session to prepare your body to be retrained.  Then four intensive sessions focused on your specific health needs.  $399