Welcome to Soaring Dragon!   Here is your guide to choosing the fastest, most efficient path from where you are now to the joy and freedom that you want to experience, in exactly the way that you want to get there - slow, faster and fastest.  Decide where you are at, and that choice is yours!


When you have consumed all the free videos and mini-classes in your area of interest, you'll be comfortable that I know your problem, have the solution that will WORK, and have removed problems successfully for hundreds of people just like YOU.  This is the time to dip your toes in the waters of Soaring Dragon through one of my hot-selling books, like 101 Stress Busters for Energy, Joy and Healthy Longevity.  

If working your way through to a solution completely solo takes too long for you, then

>  Dip your toes in various techniques and take them for a test-drive.  You find individual session pricing here and each technique  can be found described and explained by clicking on the main navigation list or right here: Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Intuitive Services.

>  You can also make a small commitment and see what results you get.  The Big Changes, Small Steps 30 day program allows you to make a commitment to yourself for a month.  At the end of the month, you can shift into a more complete program that will smash the barriers permanently.                                                                                                                                                        
If your problem area is not included in the roster of complete programs, choose a 30-90 day Big Changes, Small Steps program that I will customize for your exact needs.  Your barrier needs to be smashed so you can soar with dragons, free and glorious as you deserve to be.


WHY CHOOSE A PROGRAM?  Getting to a Permanent Solution - Fast!

You want the pain to be gone as soon as possible, and so do I.  Programs are specially-crafted to get you to a new and vibrant life as quickly as possible.  My programs are designed to be the answer to your problem.  Programs give you more powerful services for less money, but that’s a trivial advantage compared to the real power of programs.

The most important advantage of programs for both of us is that programs focus you on committed action.  If you pre-pay for 1-12 months of work to solve a particular problem, you are committed to taking action.  The “make an appointment when you feel like it” approach tempts you to not take care of yourself, not make your own dreams enough of a priority to get you to a new plane of existence.  The a la carte approach does not drive powerful revolutions, quickly.  Programs DO, because commitments DO.

It’s too easy, without a program, for the lure of chores, other people’s desires, TV right now, making money, and on and on, to take up all of your time, leaving nothing for the action that is REALLY important – the action that frees you of the shackles of the past and gives you the energy, the creativity, the tools and the training that you need to grab hold of your destiny and walk forward into a very different tomorrow.

It is tempting to do just enough work to “take the edge off” the pain of your problem, instead of staying committed long enough to really smash the barrier - permanently get rid of the weight, the limiting beliefs, the underlying physical health problem, and really soar with dragons as you were born to.  If you quit as soon as you are no longer in immediate crisis, you will inevitably be living less of a life than you could be, and might even (in your business life or in parenting) be doing harm as a result of your own unhealed issues.  

    Decide how important being truly free and powerful, truly healed and in control of your destiny is to you – and then act on that decision.  Any program can be tweeked to accommodate any unique aspects of your barrier.

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