Why Should You Soar With Dragons?

History of Soaring Dragon

I have been transforming lives since 1991, first as Marpet Life/Career Services, then Soar With the Eagles.  In 2012,  an experience in New Zealand made me realize that my clients should aspire to dragonhood:  https://youtu.be/jcqBw2GqSKI

Joseph Priestley, the famous scientist, was also a famous political thinker (he corresponded with Thomas Jefferson) and a famous Christian theologian.  I am following in Priestley's footsteps by training and excelling in multiple, related fields to serve my customers better - healing body, mind and spirit.

Who loves to Soar With Dragons?   Some services are available to demo. The best testimonial is your own experience!

Victoria Leo's Credentials

  • Professional Life Coach 1991; updated 2001, with specialties in career and health

  • Clinical Hypnotherapist 2009, registered

  • 2nd MA Psychology 2012

  • 1st MA, Biological Anthropology

  • Certified Past Life Regression 2007

  • Certified Dream Therapist, 2013

  • Certified Adult ADHD, 2013

  • Certified Habit Control (smoking, etc) and 2nd Certification in Weight Loss, 2013

  • Certification in PTSD and Traumas

  • Advanced Project Manager, Stanford, 2001

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho school of Reiki, Reiki II 1993. Master 2002. Teacher 2004

  • Karuna Reiki Master & Teacher 2011

Member:  International Reiki Association; International Association of Reiki Professionals; Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy Assn; American Hypnosis Institute; International Assn of Professional Life Coaches.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42TovaWJHcA  Interview


My Philosophy

While I believe in rigorous education standards, and have been certified in all my skills, I do not believe that people and their needs fit into neat boxes. Therefore, I provide services in any combinations that will give my customers exactly what they need, when they need it. Where certifications exist primarily to establish a certain specialty as distinct from another - it’s about ego, not substance - I do not pursue that certification, which is why I have not pursued advanced certification from the International Coaching Federation.

I am a Master/Teacher of traditional Usui Reiki and of advanced Karuna Reiki.

I have committed myself to absolute & uncompromising integrity since I was old enough to spell the word. That’s how my parents raised me & it’s what I believe in, at a deep spiritual level. That’s how I run my business. I enthusiastically support others with my commitment to integrity. Reiki is not state-licensed; nevertheless, the International Reiki Association, the International Association of Reiki Professionals and other professional associations have ethics guidelines, which I meet or exceed in all cases. I am registered with Washington State as a clinical hypnotherapist. All my certifications are imaged and shown on this website.

When I train or attune Reiki healers at any level, the training relationship does not end when the seminar or workshop time is over. Every attunement comes with a guarantee of at least 3 months of consultations, during which time the student reports experiences, asks questions and receives guidance. I train slowly, carefully and well. My Practitioner and Master/Teacher students are ethical and do quality work.
— Victoria Leo

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Soaring Dragon
Healing Center location: Ashland, Oregon