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Last weekend  of every month: Take control of your life!  The very best, fastest and most powerful way to reduce serious pain, and anxiety/worry, is with Reiki energy healing.  Even the AMA says it works

Take Reiki classes!  Start with Usui Reiki I and II and graduate to Reiki III (master).  If you are already attuned, sign up to upgrade to the new Holy Fire version!  
After the traditional Usui Reiki, learn exciting Karuna Reiki to really delve into deep emotional healing.  
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Classes in June, July, August, September and October.

50 or over?:  Victoria teaches fun classes on writing, anthropology, astronomy, psychology, health.... and there are Special Interest Groups on Human Evolution, Domestication, etc. and Astronomy.  Only $125/year for unlimited classes.  Check out OLLI!

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